Now design the feature walls you've always dreamed about with mysterious backlighting. Mix, match, accent and change your wall statements with the widest variety of panel surfaces imaginable. Quickly and easily.

Features and Benefits
  • Select from a wide range of natural materials and faux finishes used together or separately to provide tremendous design flexibility.
  • Rugged hardware accommodates panels up to 32" x 48" and panel thicknesses up to 3/4".
  • Unique panel framing holds decorative panels with a standard "snap-fit" fasteners.
  • Basic plastic tool is all it takes to remove panels when change is desired.
  • Class A Fire-Rating is available.
  • Easy to change and update with seasons or current trends.
  • Backlighting available upon request.
  • May be used with translucent finishes.

Finish Options

Wood Veneer


Azure Woods


Marlite Finish

Metal Veneer



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