Surface Systems

Surface Systems is a contemporary modular wall panel system featuring 3/4" thick panels that are easily attached to a subwall using clip application system. Surface Systems provide the most effective means of applying a wide range of natural materials and faux finishes to flat and radius walls.

System Options

Map System 10

1/16” hidden reveal,
horizontal & vertical.

Map System 20

1/2”channel reveal horizontal,
1/4” narrow reveal vertical.

Map System 30

1/2”channel reveal,
horizontal & vertical.

Map System 40

1/4”narrow reveal,
horizontal & vertical.

Map System 100

1” broad reveal,
horizontal & vertical.

Features and Benefits
  • Select from a wide range of natural materials and faux finishes used together or separately to provide tremendous design flexibility
  • 3/4" thick panels easily attach to a subwall using a clip system. The mechanically applied panel wall panel system requires no adhesive.
  • All projects are individually manufactured to specification, allowing control of panel layouts, sizes, materials and finishes.
  • Engineered components handle most architectural details, including radius walls.
  • Class A Fire-Rating is available
  • Panel Sizes - Per specification. Minimum size 8" x 8" Maximum size 4' x 8'.
  • Panel Thickness - 3/4" MAP System, 1/4" Architectural System (alternative)
  • Panel Construction - Finish/Face, Medium Density Fiberboard MDF core, backer (if necessary)

Finish Options

Wood Veneer


Azure Woods


Marlite Finish

Metal Veneer



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